June 18, 2008

NDHS students build ramps w/ Open Road

Ramps created by Paula Hewitt, Billy Rohan
and Frosty with New Design High School students

the ramps were taken apart, moved, and
custom rebuilt for the roof in one day. see
photos of the finished ramps below

June 15, 2008

Open Road Rooftop Rampage

top photo Jay Maldonado (still photo
from video at www.runmygame.com)
all other photos Paula Hewitt

June 14, 2008

Sound Sculptures

photo credits: Bill and Mary Buchen

June 13, 2008

Design & Build: Rooftop Skatepark

We built recycled moveable skate ramps,
made from the same ramps we used for the
King of Spring event at Open Road Park.

The rooftop is shaped like an E

The E runs north/south a whole city block. At first we thought we'd use the
center part of the E (above left). This location was
rejected in talks with Scott, the principal (above right).
There would be too much noise in offfice rooms
used after school under this section of the roof

This section of the roof, to the north,
is better. Enough room to skate,
no offices below. So we moved in the
skate ramps, in pieces, and rebuilt them
with New Design student volunteers.

June 12, 2008

Open Road Rooftop Skatepark 350 Grand

http://www.runmygame.com/ Rooftop Rampage June 14
photo Jay Maldonado

Mark Gonzales and Jill Herman. Photo Billy Rohan.
Jill Herman is the legendary founder of East Side
Community High School, and consultant to principals
Scott Conti, Paul Thompson, Mark Federman. Mark Gonzales
is the legendary mentor, skater, supporter of skate programs
and artist. Open Road is fortunate to have both on the team.

June 11, 2008

New Design HS Summer 08 Public Space

Potential projects to create this summer:
A. participatory design proposals for parks (photos/text/models)
B. objects that could be in parks (mural/plants/sewn/paper/photos/soil)
C. skateable greenhouse, skate ramps with plants, tree guards
photos credits: Top row Hester Street Collaborative and Livingwalls.com
Middle row Paula Hewitt. Bottom row lego.com, mark gonzalez/Addidas, P. Hewitt

June 8, 2008

Open Road at Krush Groove

click to enlarge. text your names if you want id
ramp painting by S. Maldonado.

Open Road Rooftop Skatepark

ramps by Frosty, Billy Rohan, Paula Hewitt, & New Design
students. Ramp painting by S. Maldonado