February 1, 2009

Olu and Ahlem's design team: Manhattan Bridge Skate Park & Allen/Pike Street

Skaters and neighbors build scale models of Manhattan Bridge skate park, Allen and Pike Street, and bike/skate traffic lane designs. They add traffic lights, pedestrian overpasses, seating and water fountains to the Allen and Pike Street malls to create a corridor linking the skate park with the rest of the city to the north.

Olu and Ahlem's team

See this link for their final presentation of their designs to Leroy Street Architects, the Parks Department, New Design High School staff and students, Hester Street, and Open Road.

And see this link for Ahlem's, Olu's and the rest of the team's drawings and writing in their proposal for the Allen Street/Pike Street Malls & Manhattan Bridge Skatepark

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