December 16, 2010

Open Road Park

Thank you to the Maloofs and Vans, and the citywide skate community, for making the holiday event at Open Road Park December 18th such a success.

December 11, 2010

Schoolyard plaza game

1. Choose a schoolyard. Measure walls, steps, cracks, drains.
2. Make maps in SketchUp, Sims, Skate3, pencil. 
3. Learn how people use it now. Ask people, search oasis.
4. See what people want on scribd, online surveys + real people at the place. Make avatars of them.
5. Make 2D + 3D game pieces of what people want to to do there. Choose an avatar to represent each kind of user: skater, biker, student, parent, teacher, little kid, teenager.
6. Take pix and list the good + the bad about the place
7. Play design games with people at the real place
8. Play Android and Skate3 games of your place with people. 
9. Play games, skate, football, free play at the place with people.
10. Send game + place info to sponsors who might support it.
11. Get support by sending community groups, and sponsors info on kids nearby + need for parks.
12. Work with partners to build your new schoolyard plaza.

December 8, 2010

This Friday at PS 20 Arts+Letters, Fort Greene

Join us Friday at 12 noon on the school playground (Clermont) side of PS 20 Arts+Letters in Fort Greene, Brooklyn to draw and map on the ground and each other

December 4, 2010

mapping by bike

We needed a map of every piece of property in NYC so we could do some planning for parks. GoogleMaps didn't exist yet. So we made our own, with a huge citywide team. it became The crew in the photo mapped the LES and Williamsburg in 1998. Peter Zayas, Leiani Garcia, Erica Colon, Jake Li, Jasiman Lopez, Nate Allejandro, Richard LeBlanca. Click pic for more info.

November 28, 2010

Come Play

Contest: create an accurate base map (replica) of an existing NYC public skatepark in Skate3, Sims, or SketchUp. Our mission is free, public parks, skater built + run. We use base maps to work with the community and agencies to design/build + update new areas within parks. You win a signed deck from a local NYC pro. And maybe a free public park built in reality.

November 16, 2010

Thank you Tony

tony hawk foundation has generously donated skate art by california skateparks to gowanus, brooklyn. coming soon.

October 19, 2010

what we're working on: Safari and Squibb

Our non-profit, Open Road has provided volunteer assistance to local Staten Island advocates Ed Pollio, Juliane Forsythe, the Parks Department and local civic associations in their efforts to get new BMX and skate parks built. We have no contracts or agreements in place with Parks Department to design or develop any skate parks in Staten Island, despite news reports to the contrary. We are unpaid advocates. We are not leasing Safari from the city. We have been discussing pros and cons of Safari as a potential skate park site with Staten Island residents and Parks staff. We are a low budget, grass roots, non-profit that has been supporting bike and skate access to public parks for 20 years. We've supported skate/bmx parks in every other NYC borough, and hope to support Staten Island's efforts to develop skate and bmx parks.

Squibb Park, Brooklyn: We have been leading a team of volunteer skaters and bmx'ers who keep Squibb Park open after school hours and on the weekends. Squibb was unused for 10 years because of resident and agency concerns about safety. You can't see into areas of Squibb from the park entrance, which is 30 feet above the park. You enter the park through a long, steep, switchback ramp, and there is only one entrance/exit. This will change when a new pedestrian bridge is completed in 2012 linking Squibb to Brooklyn Bridge Park below. For now, we keep it open with volunteers so we can keep this park available for skaters, bikers, and free play. 

October 14, 2010

October 9, 2010

Squibb park open for skaters and bikers

Brooklyn Borough Commissioner Spiegel's last days on the job, opening Squibb with Open Road
click here for News12 article on Squibb

October 6, 2010

New walkway: Squibb to Bklyn Bridge Park


above: Sean Nguyen
Watch open road park grow from a contaminated bus garage in 1986 to a beautiful green park and playground today.

July 5, 2010

open road at afro-punk 2010

Afropunk Festival 2010 from Tracy Landon on Vimeo.

Two clips of the kids programs at Afro-Punk 2010. Turn on the HD.

At Open Road, kids work side by side with architects, artists, writers, scientists, and professional athletes. Green areas are integrated with active sports, reading areas and skate ramps with slides and art. Ponds, sand and dirt are playable as well as respected living systems. Organic food grown in a skate park is served by the cafeteria staff. Instead of fences and signs, suggestive design  tells you where the fast ball playing and skateboarding spots are. This is the leafy green area good for growing food, reading, and birdwatching.

Since kids love to play in water our water systems are open and integrated into the playground. Ponds are connected with underground cement holding tanks. These lead to deep ponds that fill & run dry. Kids play in the ponds, which change daily as the water levels change. Through participatory design the ponds and streams change direction as kids design new channels, waterfalls, and retention basins. All of the stormwater at Open Road Park is channeled into an 8' deep 60' wide bowl, open to skateboards, BMX, tag, and peoplewatching.      Come play with us.

April 28, 2010

Coming up: AfroPunk

To volunteer for the free skate school at AfroPunk, please email us. In addition to our regular staff instructors, we welcome volunteers in order to have one on one attention.

Kane Cameron, Eric Johnson, Dave Willis, Jitu + Taji Ameen teach skate at AfroPunk 09, left. Join us for AfroPunk 2010 the last weekend in June. Thank you!

April 10, 2010

King of Spring

Volunteers for King of Spring:
Meet Paula at 114th Street and Pleasant Avenue, Harlem
11am on April 17th, 2010

March 24, 2010

food gardens

Working with SchoolFood, Open Road has been creating food gardens and skate parks with public school students from the 420 E. 12th Street and 350 Grand Street campuses.

New Design High School, Essex Street Academy, East Side Community High School, and Ross Global students are growing food in their gardens. Strawberries, lettuce, collards, garlic, sweet potato greens, peas and herbs are growing in open road park, on the roof at 350 Grand, and in school gardens in the Lower East Side. This is served in the New Design cafeteria, at Open Road Park, and on the roof for skateboarding classes + events. This spring 2010 we will grow food at both campuses for the cafeterias at all the schools!

In 2010 new partners are joining us; Kin from Cornucopia, Liz Neves, AAAS Science Policy Fellow David Hewitt, Ross Global, and SlowFood.