December 16, 2010

Open Road Park

Thank you to the Maloofs and Vans, and the citywide skate community, for making the holiday event at Open Road Park December 18th such a success.

December 11, 2010

Schoolyard plaza game

1. Choose a schoolyard. Measure walls, steps, cracks, drains.
2. Make maps in SketchUp, Sims, Skate3, pencil. 
3. Learn how people use it now. Ask people, search oasis.
4. See what people want on scribd, online surveys + real people at the place. Make avatars of them.
5. Make 2D + 3D game pieces of what people want to to do there. Choose an avatar to represent each kind of user: skater, biker, student, parent, teacher, little kid, teenager.
6. Take pix and list the good + the bad about the place
7. Play design games with people at the real place
8. Play Android and Skate3 games of your place with people. 
9. Play games, skate, football, free play at the place with people.
10. Send game + place info to sponsors who might support it.
11. Get support by sending community groups, and sponsors info on kids nearby + need for parks.
12. Work with partners to build your new schoolyard plaza.

December 8, 2010

This Friday at PS 20 Arts+Letters, Fort Greene

Join us Friday at 12 noon on the school playground (Clermont) side of PS 20 Arts+Letters in Fort Greene, Brooklyn to draw and map on the ground and each other

December 4, 2010

mapping by bike

We needed a map of every piece of property in NYC so we could do some planning for parks. GoogleMaps didn't exist yet. So we made our own, with a huge citywide team. it became The crew in the photo mapped the LES and Williamsburg in 1998. Peter Zayas, Leiani Garcia, Erica Colon, Jake Li, Jasiman Lopez, Nate Allejandro, Richard LeBlanca. Click pic for more info.