March 24, 2010

food gardens

Working with SchoolFood, Open Road has been creating food gardens and skate parks with public school students from the 420 E. 12th Street and 350 Grand Street campuses.

New Design High School, Essex Street Academy, East Side Community High School, and Ross Global students are growing food in their gardens. Strawberries, lettuce, collards, garlic, sweet potato greens, peas and herbs are growing in open road park, on the roof at 350 Grand, and in school gardens in the Lower East Side. This is served in the New Design cafeteria, at Open Road Park, and on the roof for skateboarding classes + events. This spring 2010 we will grow food at both campuses for the cafeterias at all the schools!

In 2010 new partners are joining us; Kin from Cornucopia, Liz Neves, AAAS Science Policy Fellow David Hewitt, Ross Global, and SlowFood.