October 19, 2010

what we're working on: Safari and Squibb

Our non-profit, Open Road has provided volunteer assistance to local Staten Island advocates Ed Pollio, Juliane Forsythe, the Parks Department and local civic associations in their efforts to get new BMX and skate parks built. We have no contracts or agreements in place with Parks Department to design or develop any skate parks in Staten Island, despite news reports to the contrary. We are unpaid advocates. We are not leasing Safari from the city. We have been discussing pros and cons of Safari as a potential skate park site with Staten Island residents and Parks staff. We are a low budget, grass roots, non-profit that has been supporting bike and skate access to public parks for 20 years. We've supported skate/bmx parks in every other NYC borough, and hope to support Staten Island's efforts to develop skate and bmx parks.

Squibb Park, Brooklyn: We have been leading a team of volunteer skaters and bmx'ers who keep Squibb Park open after school hours and on the weekends. Squibb was unused for 10 years because of resident and agency concerns about safety. You can't see into areas of Squibb from the park entrance, which is 30 feet above the park. You enter the park through a long, steep, switchback ramp, and there is only one entrance/exit. This will change when a new pedestrian bridge is completed in 2012 linking Squibb to Brooklyn Bridge Park below. For now, we keep it open with volunteers so we can keep this park available for skaters, bikers, and free play.