June 10, 2011

Open Road Park

Above photo, far left: Paula and Tim from Open Road with volunteers in 1993, placing the landfill liner to remediate the contaminated soil at Open Road Park. For more pictures of kids and Open Road turning this place from a contaminated vacant lot into a park, go to this link

Click the timeline below to see how we got rid of an infamous 90's era drug spot in the Lower East Side, and replaced it with a park open to skateboarding, gardening, basketball, volleyball and teen programs. Click here to support these free programs.

Click this link for a New York Times article about our skateboarding classes with East Side Community High School, where girls and boys learn in Open Road Park.

See the Sports Illustrated Teen cover story on Open Road Park here

Click this link for a New School Press article, and here for an ABC News story about our fun positive programs for girls and boys on the Lower East Side.