April 13, 2013

Art Submissions are now being accepted for 2013 May, June, and September exhibitions

Ponds, streams, swales & a solar-powered composting greenhouse

Please send digital files to Paula Hewitt Amram, openroadpark@gmail.com for consideration in our May, June, and September exhibitions in public school cafeterias and Children's Museums citywide.

Art, Architecture and 3D art will be considered on the topic of Food. A systems and campus approach grounded in real locations is preferred.

Artists whose work is accepted will receive an installation fee. Please contact us for more information. openroadpark@gmail.com

April 12, 2013

Open Road Rooftop 350 Grand Street at Essex in Manhattan

Update: Rooftop sessions will begin again soon for LoMa students on the roof

In 2012 we had a team of 50 skaters + artists from all over NYC volunteering at the roof with kids from all 5 schools in the building. Thank you all.

This year we will focus on after school for-credit skate sessions with Loma, Lower Manhattan Arts Academy, a High School in the 350 Grand Street Campus, since we will be working around roof construction schedules.

April 4, 2013

Vice article on Skateboarding in the Community

Click the pic to read about skate clinics we do every summer

"I arrived in Brownsville and cruised down Grant avenue, crossed the highway, and entered Robert Venable Park... Fortunately, all nine skateboards were still in the skate mobile after a full week of touring distant parks ranging from Fort Green, to Red Hook, and now further into Brooklyn, Brownsville. We have met the halfway point of the two week long Open Road: “Learn to Skateboard” program"

ESPN article on Skateboarding Advocacy

Paula Hewitt (lower right) and the crew at the White House

"....For Hewitt, their cause is a civil rights issue, so the White House was a perfect venue. "Skateboarders are a class that is discriminated against," she says. "They are often prevented from engaging in a legal activity in public places." Click the pic for the article on ESPN. 

April 1, 2013


FOOD is an environmental art project with artist, architect and youth leadership. Through free art, architecture, and garden design sessions we create new gardens, improve existing growing environments, and create access to fresh healthy food with youth leadership. We are working in low income neighborhoods in Lower Manhattan, the North Shore of Staten Island, Crown Heights Brooklyn, Fort Greene Brooklyn, Jamaica, Queens, and the South Bronx.

Food related art communicates with the community to expand the impact of these gardens. We are changing menus of free public food programs in each of these five zones to incorporate fresh food grown in NYC gardens and local farms.  We hold free public events involving the community in designing, growing, cooking, and reimagining food systems.