March 5, 2013

Food Map

Youth working with Open Road are mapping Schools, Parks, Pools, and Public Housing Projects that serve free meals to kids and teens. We’re working to include more fresh, local fruits and vegetables.

These maps include locations of after school and summer programs where children in the programs depend on these free meals.

When the meals are served at a place with a school garden, or public housing garden, the map shows this. Nearby farmers markets, food cooperatives, and urban farms and gardens are also shown.

We are using data for the maps from public lists of free meal locations and we are doing site visits to confirm that meals are served there, that anyone under 19 is welcome, and whether fresh fruits and vegetables are included in the meal. We're mapping the condition of food producing gardens, if any.

We are working on collecting and mapping data in five zones in NYC.
Zone 1: Lower Manhattan, based in the Seward Park Campus at 350 Grand (at Essex).
Zone 2: Staten Island, North Shore, based in Faber Park and Pool on Richmond Terrace.
Zone 3: Brooklyn, Fort Greene and Crown Heights, based in PS20 Arts & Letters, 225 Adelphi.
Zone 4: Queens, Jamaica/Far Rockaway, based in Susan B Anthony Intermediate School 238.
Zone 5: South Bronx, based in JFK High School.

As this data is collected we are immediately putting it on a free public map.
This map will be offered free to, GoogleEarth, and any other free mapping sites.
We need volunteers to do any of these three things:

1) Take lists of public meals locations and put them on the map. Add dates meals are supposed to be served.
2) Visit any of these locations and see if meals are being served. If you visit with a person under 19, see if they are allowed to take food, without showing any i.d. Check if fresh fruit and vegetables are served.
3) Work with us to cultivate a team of youth and adult advocates working on this subject.

#1 you can do this from home, or a public library with an internet connection, or anywhere you like.
#2 you can do this on your own at any public meals site at the time & date shown as a public meal time.
#3 you can do this with us.

If you are interested in being involved for any amount of time between April and October 2013, please email Paula Hewitt Amram at Or, just go ahead and add to the map.

You may volunteer once, or for the entire project. Any of your help is sincerely appreciated.
For more information please see