April 4, 2013

Vice article on Skateboarding in the Community

Click the pic to read about skate clinics we do every summer

"I arrived in Brownsville and cruised down Grant avenue, crossed the highway, and entered Robert Venable Park... Fortunately, all nine skateboards were still in the skate mobile after a full week of touring distant parks ranging from Fort Green, to Red Hook, and now further into Brooklyn, Brownsville. We have met the halfway point of the two week long Open Road: “Learn to Skateboard” program"

ESPN article on Skateboarding Advocacy

Paula Hewitt (lower right) and the crew at the White House

"....For Hewitt, their cause is a civil rights issue, so the White House was a perfect venue. "Skateboarders are a class that is discriminated against," she says. "They are often prevented from engaging in a legal activity in public places." Click the pic for the article on ESPN.