June 7, 2013

Food and Art

We held a successful Garden to Cafeteria event at the 225 Adelphi school campus in Fort Green Brooklyn on May 31 and we have another coming up June 14.

The May 31 event was a chance to connect the school gardens (19 now!) with the food the children eat. Greens from the garden and local farm prodcue were served to the children as the green salad of the day in the school cafeteria. Chef Chris D'Orazi from SchoolFood was with the kids harvesting, prepping the greens, and serving them on the cafeteria line.

excerpt from Paula's Art Journal from 4/10/13:

I was at the school building today to talk with Augusta about art and food. We met in the cafeteria, under this tree.

We're thinking about a late May art show with a snack bar, and a late June art show with a lunch. We'll grow the food all around the schoolyard and make food art in the classrooms and outside. Food Art will be open to interpretation. A seven year old made the Banana and an adult made the Kitchen.

For the late May show maybe we could put a thousand tiny holes in the cafeteria tree. PS20 students made it for an April event and they have to demolish it when they're done. We'll ask if it can stay a bit longer. The tree can sprout art, some from the bark like tree ears, some from the leaves like strange fruit hooked into the tiny holes.

Lightweight garlands and stained glass panels made of translucent paper and thinly sliced fruit can hang over windows so the light can shine through.

For the June show the GREEN ARCHITECTURE team will show its work . Based in the school, this team is making digital models of the building, green roof, and playground. Some will be printed on Sound Absorbing panels made of cotton and wool that slip in and out of metal brackets. Others will be printed by Cornell students on foam core board light enough to hang on Velcro strips. Easy to change.

Here are some people from GREEN ARCHITECTURE working: