January 31, 2014

Harlem Composting Greenhouse Models: Participatory Budgeting

Open Road is working with youth from Bro-Sis in Harlem to build a composting greenhouse in the community garden next to their youth center. Their old greenhouse (below) is too small for their growing programs. The new greenhouse will be integrated with their food gardens (second photo below). The NYC Council has invited a proposal for this project for Participatory Budgeting

Photographs below are 3D Greenhouse + garden models in process. 

Follow this link for Composting Greenhouse Design and Construction photos of two of the Harlem Greenhouse leaders now, Raphael and Nando, back when they designed and built the Greenhouse at Open Road Park in the early 90's

January 16, 2014

Design Game

The Design Game is a role playing game. 2 to 5 people play it on a simple paper map of a real place. They act out people who will use the place when it's finished, like teenagers, adults, custodians, neighbors. They move pieces around on the map that represent different areas, like grass fields, garden beds, trees, or buildings. We published this game in 1993 and we have used it to design hundreds of public parks, playgrounds, and programs.

To play the game you need:
1. Location: Base Map
2. People
3. Design Principles (Permaculture, Participatory Design)
4. Movable model pieces 2D and 3D

1. Location Base Map
2. People
3. Design Principles
4. Movable model pieces 2D and 3D
Desert Water Garden

Resources on role playing games
1. Give your city a personality in your role playing game

January 12, 2014

Art, Comix and Comic Book Publishing

Truth and Dare is out this spring, with art by Paula and many other WW3 artists, written by Quincy Saul and Seth Tobocman, Fred Ho, and Joel Kovel. http://truthydare.blogspot.com/2014/01/about-truth-and-dare.html. Check out the book and music tour info here, and feel free to re-post and share this link:

We have a gorgeous hard-cover full-color Anthology of WW3 out this spring 2014, here's the pre-order link. Here's the same link if you'd like to re-post it (please do!) https://secure.pmpress.org/index.php?l=product_detail&p=636.

We began work last week on a documentary with the same great team that made this WW3 doc back in the early 90s. Password is WW3.

This Rutgers University show has work by WW3 artists Sandy Jimenez and Peter Kuper, and other favorites like Julie Doucet:

Our WW3 fellow artists Scott Cunningham and Kevin Pyle have this great new book that you can order here.