April 16, 2014

FOOD, our youth led program, is continuing in 2014

FOOD improves food growing environments and public meal programs with youth leadership in each of five low-income zones involved in the program. We are engaging young people in learning about healthy eating and food justice. Through Food, youth are taking action to increase access to affordable fresh foods in their own neighborhoods. We are experiencing a high level of success with an excellent youth team. Click here to see a map of FOOD 2014. 

In each of five zones, our youth have mapped sites where public meals are provided, entered data onto Google Maps, and surveyed locations to assure they were operating as advertised. Beyond the youth staff and volunteers, hundreds more youth and families are benefitting from improved gardens, increased rates of healthy fresh food in public feeding programs, and community art and architecture our youth are producing related to food. Our youth team has been advocating for improved menus at public feeding programs, and have met with SchoolFood officials and elected officials in the City Council to advance this work. This youth team has advocated for fresh food grown in the city and on nearby farms to be included in the menu of public feeding programs, and in each zone the team has intensively studied, assessed, and surveyed the menu of at least one public feeding program, to ensure improvements are made. Our youth team has held 10 events to alert the community to locations where food should be served to youth, to share food grown in gardens, and involve neighborhood people in our advocacy. 

Click here for 2014 Summer Meals locations (SchoolFood, DoE) 

You can find a report on FOOD here