June 6, 2015

Pop up Playground: Squibb

Photographs and Blog Post by Paula Hewitt.

The Parks Department asked us to design and build a playground in a spot that had been abandoned for 10 years. We designed and fabricated metal obstacles for skateboarding and BMX biking. We engineered a surfacing plan that would capture rainwater runoff and direct it toward the trees, while providing a velvety smooth surface for skateboarding, wheelchair sports, biking, and free play. Our architects worked with professional skateboarders to create a simple open layout, which was approved by Parks, and we were awarded an Adopt a Parks agreement. We brought in our moveable metal equipment that we set up and took down each day. We stored the equipment and our clean-up supplies in the renovated parkhouse, we opened and supervised the bathrooms, and we kept Squibb open, all volunteer, for two years. Following this successful test-run, Parks opened Squibb to the public. Here are pictures of it all.

Contractors applying the Sports Coat according to our specifications

Our design captures rainwater runoff and directs it toward the trees, while providing a velvety smooth surface for scooters, bikes, skateboards and free play

Squibb was abandoned and shut down for 10 years, and looked like this (above) when we took on the design and stewardship of the project.